Be a Patriot

Why not be a major patriot too? Start a group, a blog, or we’ll post your content here. Just do something that could help encourage someone to do the same. Ultimately, it seems as though our country is trending down hill. There’s no hope unless we do something, express something, or say something that wakes the majority up. Anymore, we have people who completely depend on the government… They’re hooked on the government teat and it’s going to be virtually impossible to get them off. It’s sad, their American dream has been reduced to a belief they need the government, that they can’t do it without them. They’re not willing to take control of their own lives again. They’ve been manipulated into believing they are nothing without the government, and that they better vote big government or else they’ll starve to death.

I get some people may need some short term help. However, we’re turning into a 2 class society where those who have a job pays the expenses for those who don’t. Whatever we, the working class, can’t afford is simply put on the backs of our children to pay sometime down the road. This is not a system that can continue the status quo. We’re headed towards meltdown, and something needs to change fast!

So why not join a movement? Join us, our discussions, our posts. Post your own thoughts! I’ll publish your post, just write your thoughts or feelings on a topic and I’ll post it here on major patriot. Do something, even baby steps like myself. We lose our right to complain if we’re not willing to do anything to change the way things are going!