Taxes are Going Up

taxes are going up Tax Hikes

Whether you realize it or not; whether your actual tax rate goes up or not, your taxes are going up and have been! Because of our poor monetary policy, a policy that devalues the dollar, your taxes are going up. Poor monetary policy is a tax! It makes everything you need and want go up in price. Gas, food, energy, you name it – it’s getting more expensive and the sad news is there is no relief in sight. Whether you vote republicans or democrats, the fact of the matter is both parties don’t do anything to improve the situation. In fact, by and large, they are only adding to the problem. We spend more in a year than we’re taking in, so some logically think we should increase taxes and that would solve the problem. Here’s the issue, that’s an elementary way of thinking. Raising taxes usually stifle job growth. The less people working, the less paying taxes. This only perpetuates the problem. Then you have those that think we should “tax the rich” and make them pay. The fact of the matter is, all you have to do is look at some cities who taxed the pants off the rich, they’re now bankrupt. If you attack the rich and try to tax them to death, they have the means to get up and move to a place with better tax policies. I always like the flat tax idea, it’s fair – end of story. There’s no more debating tax rates, there’s no more segregating people based on their income or tax rate, it’s fair and simple – my kind of thing!

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