Major Patriot

Welcome to Major Patriot! A place where I can post my thoughts and concerns about the economy, foreign policy, and overall current events. The way things are going, I needed a place to vent, complain and maybe, just maybe, open someone’s eyes to what’s going on. These are some crazy times, perhaps the craziest yet, and they way things are trending, this may just be the beginning. Everything posted here is by me from me. I really don’t like either major party, democrats or republicans. If I had to choose an affiliation with 1 group, I’d say I lean towards libertarians. You may not agree with what I post, and that’s okay, hopefully in time you’ll get it right! ;) Either way, you’re free to leave a comment, whether you agree or disagree with the post. I enjoy open discussions about various important topics. Maybe we can all learns something from it…

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